Interactive Coding Robot UARO

UARO is innovative product that combining interactive program and robot.
It is the new concept education item that helps the kids to
develop creativity, logical thinking, thinking ability and understanding while they assemble and program the robot by themselves.

Interactive Coding
Now is coding world

Do you still have coding training in a difficult programming language?
With UARO, the kids can learn coding easily by recognizing them in various ways according to picture, shape and color by using coding board and coding block.

Assembly Teaching Aids
New Concept Education Item

It is designed to be easy to use for kids, and they can easily make shape whatever they want. It helps the co-ordination of eyes and hands and development of small muscles through assembly process.

Interesting Program

Kids can learn various coding education through application as well as coding board and block and it helps to develop logical thinking and thinking development while they play around with UARO.


Coding material

Robot Module



STEP - 1

STEP - 2

STEP - 3

STEP - 4

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